If you are seeking for a best business school, Rotman stands first without any doubt. Yes, it’s one of the best business school you can get admit in Canada. Whether there is an Indian or International applicant, this should be on applicant’s priority list.

Rotman is highly recognized amongst employers. And the salary scales here are quite better as compared to other b-school in the region. But, you can ignore the fact Rotman needs higher IELTS / GRE / EXTRA Curricular / Higher fee payments.

Conversely, the benefit of getting admission here is that you can easily get the direct access to almost all the major employer in region. Students who are qualified from Rotman can directly fuse with the employers with their immediacy to financial district where the other B-schools don’t have this advantage. It’s a core differentiating factor which makes it different from other B-schools.

More about Rotman B-School

If you talk about reputation, Rotman is always on top. The prestigious university of Toronto has always been held in appreciation on the Bay Street where many of its faculty established their career.

This year, as per the first reputational survey, Rotman ranks the no.1 MBA in Canada. It’s a world-renowned institution with International connections which ultimately gives a great exposure to students. Moreover, in international rankings, Rotman has won No.1 Canadian school spot in financial times.

Rotman, No.1 Canadian School- Key Statistics

Rotman is backed with oodles of achievements, awards and accolades. Check out some key statistics to get the hang of its reputation in B-School competition.

  • Total Number of Applicants: 350
  • Total Number of Full-Time MBA Students: 350
  • Average GMAT: 674
  • Median GMAT: 650
  • Average Age: 27
  • Average Work Experience: 4.2 Years

More Details:

  • Middle 80% Work Experience: 50 Months
  • Rolling Months: Yes
  • % Students who are international: 49%

Ranking Spots:

  • Bloomberg Businessweek Non-U.S. 18th Position
  • Financial times: 60

Employment Opportunity and Growth Structure:

  • Average Base Salary: $89,848
  • Median Base Salary: $83,000
  • Mean Signing Bonus: $13,237
  • % Receiving Signing Bonus: 43%

Key Tips to Make Your Way to Rotman Canada

Before you plan for your MBA admission in Rotman, you are advised to take professional MBA consultants help and prepare your Rotman MBA essays in a proper way to avoid the last minute fuss. You can also study the further details over their official website or can get in touch with the previous Rotman Alumni to get the better hang of all the things.

And before anything else, you should have the idea of what you want from your MBA. You must have a sharp focus on your essays. Also read advice from the experts or check out the previous essays. If you want deeper and more appropriate detail, you can also hire a good MBA consultant. Also, prepare for your mock interviews with your friends and also ask them to poke holes in your story. Also, read all the questions which have been provided to you on clear admist wiki, they are basically representative of the questions you are normally asked.

Do the proper ROI calculation with other reputed schools; hopefully Rotman will indeed make a big difference. Also, you can’t deny the fact that, Canada has a much more stable economy than US or Europe at the moment and Canada is much more immigrant-friendly than either US or Europe. For admission, enquiry and other details, visit http://www.rotman.utoronto.ca/