Getting into a top B-School is a dream of all the MBA aspirants. There are various factors which influences the final decision of the admission committee. Recommendations also play a vital role in the admission process. In most of the case recommendation is something which is not controllable by the applicant. Or rather it is not possible to influence the recommender. There are a lot of factors that needs to be checked with regards to the recommendations and recommender.

Why is a recommendation letter required?

Over the period of time MBA has become a serious thought and a practice for career boost. Especially when a prestigious college name gets added to your profile, your career growth becomes exponential. Most of the top schools require a few recommendations as part of the MBA application. This helps the schools to get an unbiased feedback of your skills, your roles, and the initiatives you have taken to bring about a change in the organization. It is possible to work on your analytical skills and your language skills if you dedicate serious time towards it. But it is highly impossible to get a good recommendation over a fortnight. It is all about how your initiatives and leadership skills has brought an impact to the organization you are associated with.

Who can be a recommender?

When asked for mba recommendations, schools want the recommendations to come from a person whom you are associated with or someone who closely analyses your activities. It can be your reporting manager at your current job or manager whom you have worked with closely in your previous company. Your professor from college can also be your recommender if you are applying to college fresher’s programs. If you associated with any social clubs or NGO’s, your supervisor or the head of the club can also be a recommender. Please make sure that you do not suggest your peer from the work place as your recommender. Also try avoiding the heads of the business (CXOs, Directors, GM) unless you are reporting to them on a regular basis as they need not be aware of your contributions and involvement. For those who are into sales and marketing, client servicing or an entrepreneur, clients are also eligible to become your recommender.

It is always good to discuss your MBA plans to the recommender and keep them in loop as it will avoid the confusion. Be cautious while selecting the recommender and make sure you do have a good rapport with the recommender. It is not advisable to write your own recommendations, because it is possible for the admissions committee to analyze the authenticity of the recommendation. Selecting a wrong recommender may even cost you your admission.

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