Whether it’s a neck to neck interaction or online, Interview leaves a strong impact of your persona on the interviewer. If you’ve a dream to make your way to NUS, it’s very significant to stand out during skype interview. Especially when you are all done with the application essays and recommendations, GMAT scores etc. now it’s a time to strengthen up that layer of loyalty during interviews as well.

NUS MBA Interview Panel

Before you get into the field, it’s better to get the hang of internal scenario. The interview will last up to about 20 minutes where the interview panel will be joined by either the faculty member or the Graduate Studies Office’s (GSO) staff members. The interview is generally conducted within college hours. Candidates will have to handover their essays, recommendations, resume as well as reference reports to the interviewee.

So, how to perform exceptionally well during NUS Interview

Skype has become the finest medium for online interview with the candidates all across the world; it’s also become amazingly popular in NUS interviews. The main objective is to understand the body language of an applicant. Skype interviews are accompanied with the subtleties that one must be aware of before taking interview.

Wear professional dresses to appear presentable

If it’s a video interview, make it like the real face to face encounter. Dress proper, most importantly dress formals so that you could look more presentable to the interviewer. Make sure that you are well dressed from head to toe so that you don’t have to feel embarrassed while standing up for any reason. Don’t try to fool the interviewer by wearing a finest upper and boxer below the waist.

Prepare your background and surroundings

Please bear it in mind that, during skype interviews, your surroundings, especially the background is fully visible to the interviewers. So make sure that it doesn’t seem too cluttered. Clean the background and other surroundings in a better way.

Check with software in advance

Sound check, internet connection, video camera and other options so that you could have a full interview without falling into any technical issue because you will never love to put the interviewer on hold during sharp interviews. Voice and video should be clear. Make sure to bring high quality headset to avoid the voice-breakage during conversation and to be more audible.

Rehearse early

Practice makes a man perfect. So it’s better to have a proper rehearsal of the interview. Have a skype conversation with your friend and ask him to answer you his questions. It will, in some context, clear your hesitation and will put you in the habit of having a great interview.

Maintain your body language

Last but not the least, make sure that you have a strong body language. There should not be any nervousness on your face. Be confident, enthusiastic, and sharp during interviews. This will definitely help you to reach your destination.