It has been a difficult journey for almost all the MBA aspirants to dedicate time outside their work. During the college everyone gets their hand on almost all the clubs, organizations and activities, but soon they enter a corporate life and it becomes tedious for most of them to spend time for the social activities. It has been a routine for most of them to go for the work and come home and relax and this cuts them off completely from the society. It could be the work pressure, fatigue or laziness. But if you are looking for career uplift, you must be part of the society and understand the outside world.

These days B-Schools are not just looking for your GMAT scores, MBA Application Essays and your work experience. It is high time that an MBA aspirant understand that extracurricular activities and social work plays an important role in molding your profile. Just being a volunteer for an act or cause also would not work. B-Schools look at your leadership and management skills by analyzing your roles outside your work. At work it is easy to be a leader as you are designated to be a leader. But outside the work, you should have the capacity to influence the crowd or a set of people with same thought process working towards the same goal. If you can influence them by your thoughts and also lead them to reach to the common goal, it clearly reflects the leader in you.

Moreover the energy and time you can devote outside your work, clearly shows how well you are able to allocate time for yourself and it also proves your efficiency at work. If you get stuck in the work at the office leaving your personal and social life, you would have to re-invent those techniques from your college days to squeeze time for your personal and social work. Engaging with an organization as a volunteer will also help you to rejuvenate your energy and ideas for a better cause. You may also try picking up areas of work and link it to your future goals which will also give the Adcom a clear picture on what is your interest in activities outside workplace.

Community also plays and important role in your life and the B-Schools rightly identifies and values your contribution towards it and rewards you in form of admission. What Business schools for is your engagement with the community. You need not be always be a leader or a decision maker for an activity too. You can try becoming an influencer and lead your own path for achieving the common goal and this will be widely accepted and recognized.

It is time to gauge your ideas, energy and time for a common cause and prove your leadership, team skills and you dedication for the corporate and the community to showcase your balanced profile to your dream schools. This will make the entire process or admission easier and much more enjoyable.

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