It has become significantly common trend for younger individuals to apply for ISB. Most of the top global MBA programs are now meticulously taking into consideration the more youthful end of the applicant pool. ISB has introduced Early Entry Option for applicants who are below 2 years of work experience and they can still get into ISB. In this article we would like to present a few ISB application tips that will help younger ISB applicants to make use of their strengths and become significantly competitive ISB applicants.

  1. Present an outstanding academic credentials – This is most important and crucial evaluation criteria for ISB Early Entry Option applicants. Usually younger applicants are most likely to fall short in the “work experience” category, and then their academic credentials and academic achievements are more important to demonstrate that they are well prepared to take up rigorous ISB course curriculum. Hence it is always advised to score well above than the averages in GMAT and GPA for ISB incoming class. On top of that, it will absolutely add more value if you have received undergraduate scholarships and awards or graduated at the top of your class.

  2. Illustrate your leadership experience and potential – Most of the ISB Early Entry Option applicants have only limited full-time professional experience and generally they get fewer prospects to move up and take initiatives that lead to management and leadership experiences. In spite of this fact, one way to illustrate your accountability and management experience is by means of your involvement in and taking initiatives of extracurricular and undergraduate activities. In a nutshell, as a younger applicant, it is essential for you to use whatever experiences you have had till now. It may be internships, college related activities, part-time work, community service etc.

  3. Find a way to demonstrate why you are seeking an ISB admit so early in your career – It is challenging task to explain ISB admission committee that you are equipped to make a beneficial contribution to the ISB class room so early in your career. If you want to address this challenge then you need to prove that moving forward with your current job is not beneficial to your long term goals at this point. You can also say that by completing ISB PGP Program you will be able to make a transition in your career or achieve your career goals in a quick time. You need to have clear career goals and a detailed roadmap to achieve it, this will help you to demonstrate why you are seeking and ISB admit so early in your career.

These are few ISB application tips which you need to focus as Early Entry Option applicant. For more detailed ISB essay analysis visit

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