INSEAD is world’s leading and premier graduate business school. INSEAD offers its students a global perspective and cultural diversity with its high significance on international exposure. INSEAD is truly global business school with its campuses in Europe (France), Asia (Singapore) and Abu Dhabi.

Most of us have aspirations to work abroad, both to enhance our international exposure and to enjoy a new task in a distinct culture. Working abroad can be a very interesting prospect, but how much will it truly increase your chances at INSEAD? Is international experience noticed as a valuable resource by INSEAD admission committee?

Here are some details that INSEAD looks at your international exposure, when it comes to your individual advancement, an international move can show an outstanding move in an individual’s career. You may discover that you are open to high-profile projects that wouldn’t otherwise be offered to you in your home country or you may be provided more accountability in a global organization. These small things are carefully noted while deciding your candidature at INSEAD.

Working in another country and implementing your skills in a new situation can exhibit adaptability, flexibility and a willingness to adopt new approaches of doing the job. You will understand about new cultures, traditions and local business techniques first hand, along with developing up a robust network of international connections. So INSEAD looks for these attributes in prospective applicants and International experience on your B-School resume will showcase many of these beneficial attributes to INSEAD.

INSEAD Admissions Committee prefers applicants with solid international experience who generally have sensible ideas into the complications of business in an international environment. Most of the applicants to INSEAD have often worked or studied outside their home country, although this is not a prerequisite you can also demonstrate international experience through working for a multinational company, learning foreign languages, travelling, etc. Finally INSEAD expects its future students to be comfortable communicating in diverse global regions and are fully dedicated to seeking a global career opportunity. For more information on INSEAD class profile, INSEAD essays and deadlines  Read more…