So, now since you have decided to go for MBA, it’s time for you to accumulate all your extracurricular in your B-School applications.

You must be knowing that to get in to Indian School of Business (ISB) and other top global business school GMAT is not only the parameter. Your overall profile, achievements, extracurricular, essays, recommendations and resume play an equal and important part during selection procedure.

Indian School of Business (ISB) PGP deadline is released and you must be knowing that Round 1 deadline is on 15th September 2014. That means the ISB MBA application process will consume much of your life in the coming months, and you will be planning on how to best position yourself. If you have taken leadership positions in volunteer organizations or if you are actively engaged with non-profit organizations, you will want to be sure that you play that angel in your ISB application essays and story you present to the ISB admissions committee.

And if you haven’t participated in any of those activities or if you don’t have any post graduate extracurricular. Your candidacy will be doomed if you don’t have any extracurricular?

No, Admissions committee understands that it’s extremely hard for someone to have meaningful involvement in an organization outside of work. So, the good news is that we have seen compelling candidates to be accepted to ISB PGP programs even if they lack post graduate extracurricular.

But, if you have never participated during your college or school days in any activity or haven’t played any leadership role or haven’t contributed anything to the class then this might be a red flag.

So, if you have no volunteer work to talk about, brainstorm what relevant things you could share with the fellow mates in the class. Think along the lines of travel, culture, sports, politics or family anything that you are passionate about and how that passion manifest itself.

Always remember, the admissions committee are looking for well-rounded people in ISB. Read ISB essay analysis and ISB sample essays to know more about importance of extracurricular in your ISB application.