MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the leading business schools of the world. The school is committed to develop the most innovative and principled leaders who can engender unique ideas that advance the management practice.

Mid-career professionals are largely keen to join MIT Sloan’s MBA programs. But is it really that smooth to enter MIT Sloan? Well, it seems quite intricate, especially when it comes to prepare an entire MIT Sloan School of Management application.

If you are to make your way to Sloan School of Management then don’t be afraid and let us help you crack those hardest nuts throughout the process.

Here we go…

When the Admissions Committee reviews your application, they emphasize on a few major points that actually craft an impression about you.

These points include- the academic and professional experience, leadership quality and ability to influence others as well as a collaborative mindset. So when you write MIT Sloan Essays, we suggest you to-

  • Use your professional and personal examples wisely, most probably the ones that appropriately suit the questions and provide a deeper insight into who you actually are as an individual and as a professional
  • Make sure to use the examples from your last three years
  • Rather than what you intend to do away with your degrees, try to focus on your past achievements and concentrate on your experience
  • MIT admission team largely prefers the students who are good at extracurricular activities and other sorts of personal interests and hobbies. You can include all these activities in the last essay question that is optional. You can also include such information in your resume.
  • Moreover, explain your professional experience and explain how it impacted your community, workplace or family
  • Be quick but do not forget to give it a perfect touch. MIT admissions committee reviews the applications quickly to meet the deadline. So ensure the application is perfect.

Other basic things to work on

As mentioned above, be quick but don’t be in a hurry. Make sure that you complete the application before the deadline and use rest of your time in making your application more impactful.

Please address the fact that MIT believes in accepting applicants with special attributes so try to put some uniqueness in your answers. It should be unique not weird.

Don’t leave your application blank; embrace it with cover letter to give selectors an overview about your personality.

Best of Luck!