INSEAD is a world renowned B-Schools with more than 90% of the class have international students. INSEAD has the most diversified students of cultural, social and business experience. This also acts as criteria for selecting the best set of students for their program. INSEAD has two intakes per year in January and September with around 500 applications gets a chance to be a part of this prestigious institution.

With its presence in France and Singapore INSEAD gives maximum exposure to the corporate world. Even though INSEAD alumni are spread across the globe and various industries, we have seen a major set of alumni in the notable positions in the Banking and Finance industry. The report says more than 60% of the graduates are in finance/banking industry and consulting. Report also says that 56% of the graduates find a job outside their home country. This actually attracts the applicants who are looking to settle outside their home country and make a living there.

For a person to make the career in finance/banking and consulting, INSEAD is the best place to be. It is recommended to include maximum points to showcase your diverse work experience and cultural diversity in the projects you undertake. Make sure that your INSEAD application essays have all the points to prove your candidature for INSEAD strong keeping in mind all the requirements. INSEAD has also been an integral part in producing the best entrepreneurs across the globe.

INSEAD has proved to be one of the best cost effective MBA programs across the globe. With its state of the art campuses in France and Singapore, it has opened doors to many aspirants to be part of this world class fraternity. In 2011, 17% of the students were awarded scholarship by INSEAD which make the program more attractive to the applicants.

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