In order to make way to your dream B-School, personal interview is the last door you have to open. If this goes well, you can be sure of getting selected. However, despite of preparing for months, you can’t predict the exact personal MBA interview questions. Still, there is a certain monopoly in personal interview questions that B-schools commonly ask you.

The following list can give you a  hang of what can you be asked. Personal Interview conducted by a reputed B-schools is fundamentally anticipated to comprehend your inter-personal & communicative skills & to know your vision as an aspiring MBA student. So here are some common questions which you would be asked during your interview.

Have a look…

Tell us something about yourself

It’s such a basic question that you always have to come across in all the interviews but when it’s asked during B-school interview, you must answer it in brief & clear way. While you answer this question, try to mention these points.

  • Your professional and educational background
  • Your hobbies & interests
  • Your family background

Don’t be confused and try not to draw out the conversation unnecessarily. Don’t reiterate what’s actually written in your application. This is by and large to test your confidence, body language and communication skills.

Where do you see yourself after 5 or 10 years?

During MBA interviews, you would always be asked about your prospect planning and visions. Whatever you answer, you must substantiate it. Why you said and how you will pull off your goal. Be realistic and express your confidence enormously.

Why MBA?

Everyone has different reasons of pursuing MBA. B-Schools selection committee wants to select the team of aspiring candidates, so make sure that you have that zest and passion to prove why & how MBA is important for your future.

Why do you want to join this B-school?

While there are other reputed B-schools available, why do you only want to join this school? Well, it’s a subtle question which comes to you as a bouncer. So learn about the institute’s history and its achievement records. Articulate what this university (where you want to get admission) can endow you in terms of career and learning.

Questions related to your course and profession

Whatsoever course you want to do, be aware of its career advantage also its technical aspects. Also, what you are currently doing in terms of profession must also be justified.