TBD stands for Team Based Discussion which is a group-based discussion round introduced by the school in 2012. This round replaces the regular interview and is conducted either on the campus in Philadelphia or in one of the major cities like Dubai, San Francisco, London, Mumbai, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo.

TBD is an invite-only process and the invitations are extended after a few weeks of the application submission deadlines. The ability to work in teams is a major success factor in the MBA program and the school aims to test this component from the Team Based Discussion exercise. This is your chance to express who you are as a person, how you approach problems and opportunities, the potential you carry to achieve your goals and your ability to collaborate and work in teams.

Interview Schedule:

  • TBD – 35-45 minutes approx.
  • One-on-one discussion with Adcom member -10 minutes.

The TBD will be with a group of 4-5 applicants followed by 10 minutes one-on-one interview round with the Adcom member.

Collaboration, Inclusive Behavior, Decision Making, Leadership Skills, Adaptability, Awareness, Adaptability and Communication Style will play a key role to secure a Wharton admit. The Adcom member monitors the session and expects the group to reach a shared conclusion.

General Education helps applicants to prepare for their Wharton TBD. We have Wharton alumni who facilitate the discussion and provide personalized feedback. The process will be conducted online and you will be able to participate from anywhere.