Darden School of business is one of the most desired B-Schools among all the MBA aspirants. It is highly competitive and the applicants need to work hard on their GMAT score and application essays to get an MBA interview call. Average GMAT score for Darden School of Business is 706.

Who takes the interview: Alumnus (off campus interview), Adcom (campus interview)
Average time per interview: 30-45 minutes

Main questions to prepare Darden MBA Interview:

  1. Career Achievements

  2. Your Goals

  3. Accomplishments in your personal life

  4. Questions on leadership you have displayed

Below are a few Darden MBA Interview experiences and questions


Darden MBA Interview Experience -1:

I had off-campus Darden MBA personal interview with the Alumnus. The interview started with a friendly introduction, followed by questions about the work experience, academics and personal achievements. My interview preparation was good enough so I replied to most of the questions mentioned below:

  • Tell me about your life and academics.

  • What you have done with your decisions taken in your life.

  • Why MBA.

  • What you will do with MBA?

  • What are your career goals

  • Why Darden.

  • In which other schools you have applied?

  • Tell us four significant parts of your professional and personal life.

Darden  MBA Interview Experience-2:

I reached Darden Gateway 10 minutes prior to my scheduled time. My MBA personal interview went for 30 minutes and had a very friendly conversation like:

  • Where are you coming from?

  • Kindly share your story with us.

  • How you came to choose your undergrad major and first job?

  • How did you feel to lead a team and was there any situation where you had to make a difficult decision.

  • Were there any major accomplishments in your professional or personal life?

  • What do you plan to do after your MBA?

After the interview we had a campus visit and lunch with the professors. Important point: One is being assessed throughout one’s visit on campus. You can prepare well by taking couple of mock interviews by alumni which will help you deliver what is expected from admission point of view.

Darden MBA Interview Experience-3:

It was a very informal session with the Adcom members at Darden. My Darden interview lasted for 30 – 45 minutes, starting with ‘Tell your story’. I had a couple of mock interview sessions with my friends which helped me to practice or be ready with the answers the Adcom was looking for. There were few other questions asked, like:

  • Take us back to your school/college

  • Share something about your Graduation School

  • For how many companies you have worked for? Share few experiences with us.

  • Here I would like to share that the members were more concerned about the teamwork and leadership roles I had at my job.

  • Why do you want an MBA? Why now?

The school doesn’t want to know what exactly you did but an overall idea about your job and your decisions. The questions above will help you give an overall picture of the Darden MBA interview and the questions you can expect from the Adcom or alumnus.

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