UNC Kenan Flagler Business School is one of the top MBA business school and ranked 33rd in Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2014. It is highly competitive and the applicants need to work hard on their Kenan Flagler application essays and GMAT scores to get an interview call. Average GMAT score for Kenan Flagler Business School is 690.

Kenan Flagler MBA admissions committee does not issue interview invitations. Applicants themselves have to approach adcom and schedule interview by the deadlines corresponds to the application round. Kenan Flagler interviews are generally conducted over a skype call if the applicant is outside U.S. or the alumnus.

  • Who takes the interview: Alumnus (off campus interview), Adcom (campus interview)
  • Average time per interview: 30-40 minutes

Main topics to prepare:

  1. Long term and short term goals

  2. Accomplishments in your professional and personal life

  3. Questions on your current and previous jobs

  4. Leadership role

  5. How would you contribute to class

Below are a few Kenan Flagler Interview experience and questions

Kenan Flagler Interview Experience-1:

Hi, my name is Rikhia. My interview was taken by the alumnus of Kenan Flagler. It was one of the informal and relaxed interview I had among all other B-School I have applied to. My Kenan Flagler interview lasted for about 35 minutes. There are few questions they asked me during the interview:

  1. Walk me through your resume.

  2. Why you want to do MBA at this stage of your career?

  3. Tell me about a time in your work life when you failed to achieve your goals.

  4. Why you want to start your own company and how do you think Kenan Flagler will help you to achieve your goal?

  5. How can you contribute to the class?

  6. Why should we take you?

  7. Do you have any question for me?

Kenan Flagler Interview Experience-2:

My interview held with the second year Kenan Flagler student and an admission team committee member. There are few questions they asked during my Kenan Flagler Interview:

  1. Tell me about your leadership role and a time when you led a team

  2. Why you want to do MBA from Kenan Flagler?

  3. What do you enjoy most about your current job?

  4. Have you visited Kenan Flagler school campus?

  5. What’s your plan B if you are not selected through Kenan Flagler?

  6. Do you have any questions for us?

 Kenan Flagler wants to know how you can contribute to class and why they should take you. The questions above will help you give an overall picture of the MBA interview and the questions you can expect from the Kenan Flagler Adcom or alumnus.

Kenan Flagler Interview Tips:

 For Kenan Flagler MBA interview preparation we would suggest you to go for Kenan Flagler mock interview preparation with the help of Kenan Flagler mock interview experts. Kenan Flagler interview practice really helps to crack the interview.

If you need help with the MBA interview preparation please reach out to us at info@genedmba.com or Fill Quick Enquiry Box (On right).