ISB PGPMAX is a 15-month, Global Executive MBA Program designed to meet higher career aspirations of Business Owners/Entrepreneurs and Experienced Professionals with 10 to 25 years of work experience.

The main objective of the programme is to prepare individuals to be truly global business leaders and career advancement. It aims to develop analytical, strategic and leadership skills that are essential to navigate in today’s evolving business world.

  • Deadlines:
    • R1: 15 November 2019
    • R2: 15 March 2019
  • Decision:   
    •  R1: Rolling Basis
  • Program Fee: 37,35,000 (plus taxes)
  • Application Fee:  INR 10,000
  • Class Size:  70 (approx.)
  • Average work experience:  16 years
  • Average age:  40 years
  • Male:  85%
  • Female:  15%


To apply for the programme the following criteria should be fulfilled.

Bachelor’s Degree: The applicant should have completed any bachelor’s degree or equivalent to same. An equivalent qualification will be determined by the Admission Committee of the programme and will include the likes of CA, ICWA, etc.

Work Experience: The applicant should have completed 10 years for full time work experience post qualification. Letter of consent from the current employer is required for the candidate to pursue the programme. This can be submitted either during the application process or once admission has been secured.

Selection Process

Selection of the participants for the programme will include different factors as follows.

  • Leadership Potential
  • Personal Attributes, Maturity, Global Outlook, Attitude/Mindset
  • Quantity and quality of work experience e.g. people management experience, decision making experiences, significant responsibility, experience of managing budgets, etc.
  • Achievement Orientated
  • Strong communication skills
  • Likelihood of benefiting from the programme
  • Motivation to participate in the programme
  • Undergraduate degree performance
  • Performance in the interview

ISB PGPMAX Essays 2019-2020:

Essay 1: What is the driving factor for you to do PGPMAX at this stage of your career? How do you think ISB can help you achieve your professional goals? (300 words Max)

Essay 2: Describe your experience during a challenging time in your professional life. Explain briefly the actions you took and the impact it had on your professional & personal life. (300 words)

Additional Essay: Please use this space to highlight anything you wish to bring to the notice of the admissions office/admission committee which could not be highlighted in any other part of the application. Use this space to also highlight work and non-work related awards & achievements which you feel would add value to your application. (300 – 500 words)