MAGP is an in-depth MBA application service that ensures admission into one of the top 50 schools or 35% money back promise in case of no admission*

Who should avail MAGP service?

The service is available to all MBA aspirants, who cannot delay their MBA plans for another year and absolutely aim to start their MBA in the next admission session.


  1. General Education facilitates MBA applicant in applying to 10 schools out of which applicant selects 6 schools of his or her choice and we select 4 schools of our preference from the top 50 rankings of B-Schools.
  2. The MAGP service includes all elements of MBA applications that consist of:
    • Shortlisting the list of target B-Schools
    • Guidance in building MBA application essay write-ups
    • MBA essay editing and guidance in organizing any other aspect of MBA application.
    • Guidance in preparing CV/Resume
    • MBA Interview preparation service in the event an MBA applicant gets an interview call from a shortlisted B-School
    • Any other related part that is inside the scope of B-School application process

General Education will make use of all its resources to guarantee that the MBA applicant gets admission invite from at least one of the schools in his or her shortlisted list. Nevertheless, given the uncertainty involved with the B-School admission process, we reimburse 35% of the total fee paid in the event there is no admission invite.


INR 1,50,000 plus 12.36% Service Tax

Note on Fees

  • The service is non-refundable but adjustable in future in lieu for any other service.
  • According to the consumption assumptions given at the end of each service – the amount would be adjusted if required
  • Services bought in March are non-adjustable due to accounting complexities of year end
  • Services bought in one financial year will not be adjusted in next financial year.

*Note on Admission Guarantee

  • The candidate has to share all B-School application login details with us.
  • If the candidate gets 3 interview calls and still unable to get admit then 35% of service amount will be refunded.
  • If the candidate gets 4 interview calls and still unable to get admit then 20% of service amount will be refunded.
  • If the candidate gets more than 4 interview calls and still if he is unable to get admit then refund will not be applicable.