Avg. GMAT Score for MIT GMAT / GRE
Total Applicants Avg. Age 38
Class Size 121 Avg. Work Experience 14 Years
Applicant Deadlines for MIT R1:28-Sep-2015
Decision Dates Late December to end of March
Length of Program 12 Months


MIT Sloan Fellows Program is a 12 month full time executive MBA Program. It is unique, because of its components and cumulative impacts. This program is designed for the elite group of managers to enhance their career as a leader. MIT fellows program is mainly designed to build knowledge, confidence, and critical leadership skills in mid-career managers. To do all that in collaboration with 100+ talented international colleagues at MIT.

Essays of MIT Sloan Fellows Program for the Class of 2017:

Essay 1:

Reflect on your effectiveness as a leader and give us an example of how you have leveraged your strengths to demonstrate ethical and innovative leadership. Now consider the leader you aspire to be – what are the areas of personal development you want to focus on in this program to become that leader? (500 words or less, limited to one page)

Essay 2:

Tell us about the most challenging experience you have had in trying to collaborate with a person or group who did not share the same ideas. What did you learn from this experience and did it change the way you dealt with similar situations afterwards? (500 words or less, limited to one page)


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