I had a telephonic interview yesterday with Kellogg alum, applied during round 2 of admission cycle, my interview went on roughly for about 50 minutes. It was a very casual and interviewer made me feel relaxed and overall I didn’t feel like interview, most of the questions asked were about my profile and application essays, The questions were as follows:

  • Walk me through your resume

  • Why are you planning to do MBA?

  • Why you choose Kellogg?

  • What do you feel you can learn from a MBA at Kellogg?

  • Describe an instance where you had to fight for an idea within a team

  • Describe any instance where you were frustrated within a team

  • How do you cope where you had to work with someone very different from you

  • What was the most challenging task you have received at work?

  • Is there anything else you’d like to add that wasn’t in your interview or essays?

  • Any questions for us?

Overall my interview went on really well and now eager for the best

2) My interview was face to face interview,I was not able to apply in round 1 so I decided and applied in round 2 and my interviewer was with Kellogg alum. I met him in a hotel and the interview was informal.

These are the questions which I remember most.

  1. Walk me through your resume, he asked questions stressing more on the organizations which I worked for.

  2. Why you choose MBA?

  3. Why you choose Kellogg?

  4. How do you describe your learning style?

  5. How do you define leadership give instances where you exhibited leadership.

  6. Tell us about your achievements?

  7. Talk about a disappointment in your life and how did you overcome?

The interview went on for 45 minutes and I had enough time to ask 3-4 questions. After the interview I was hoping for the best as Kellogg was my dream school and finally I was accepted. It’s a dream come true for me.

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