Tuck School of Business offers two-year full-time MBA. It usually takes a month for you to receive an interview call after the submission of the application. The interview may happen over, Skype, telephone or in person depending upon the location and availability. You can expect a friendly discussion; however, you can prepare a good introduction about yourself.

Average GMAT score for Tuck School of Business is 717.

Average time per interview: 30-45 minutes

Who takes the interview:

  • Alumnus (off-campus interview)
  • Adcom (campus interview)
  • 2nd-year Students (off-campus interview)

 Tuck MBA Interview questions to prepare:

  1. Academics
  2. Long term and short term goals professional goals
  3. Accomplishments in your personal life
  4. Extracurricular and your involvement
  5. Expectations after your MBA

Few Tuck interview experiences are below for your interview preparation:

Interview Experience Dartmouth Tuck 1:

I had on-campus MBA personal interview at Tuck which lasted for 35-40 minutes. The interview was very relaxed & had a friendly approach by the Adcom members. It was quite evident from the questions asked which revolved around my involvement with teamwork and leadership. My interview practice sessions were with Tuck alumni which helped me answer the questions.

  • What were the reasons for you to choose your undergrad institution?
  • How involved were you in the extracurricular activities?
  • Do you have any long term and short term professional goals?
  • Tell us three adjectives to describe you? Why?

I would suggest the MBA application prepare well for the interview and also do mock interview sessions if possible. This will help you to relax and also prepare the possible answers for the questions.

Interview Experience Dartmouth Tuck 2:

The atmosphere of the admissions office area was very relaxing and collegial. My Tuck MBA personal interview was very conversational. The interview lasted for 30 minutes.

  • Take me through your resume quickly.
  • What are the reasons for you to do a master degree? Why Tuck?
  • Help us understand your work experience in detail?
  • What are your short term and long term goals?
  • Why do you want to quit your current company and do an MBA and Why now?
  • Which industry does want to be and what are the possible career options?
  • Do you have any other areas of interest which make you different from others?

Interview Experience Dartmouth Tuck 3:

My interview with Tuck Adcom was completely based on my resume and application essays. The Tuck Adcom members were very generous and made me comfortable. The questions asked in my Tuck interview were:

  • Self-Introduction.
  • How did you handle a tough situation with the team member at your workplace?
  • Have you taken up any leadership roles voluntarily?
  • What are your plans and how do you want to get involved with the Tuck community?
  • What are your long term & short term career goals?
  • Why an MBA? Why Tuck

These were the major question I had for Tuck interview and I’m happy that I had prepared the answers and I had a few mock interview sessions with my seniors before the actual interview with Adcom.

If you need help with the MBA interview preparation please reach out to us at info@genedmba.com or Fill Quick Enquiry Box (On right).