Avg. GMAT Score for LBS GMAT / GRE
Total Applicants Avg. Age 37
Class Size 56 Avg. Work Experience 18 years
Applicant Deadlines for MIT R1:30-Mar-2016
Decision Dates Decision takes 2 weeks of each deadlines
Length of Program 12 Months


London Business School’s Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy fellows program is unique 12 month program. LBS’s Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy Fellows Program is the only one kind of program in Europe, which offers you an exceptional opportunity for personal and professional development. This program is specifically designed for experienced, senior executives to enhance their leadership quality.

Key features of LBS Sloan Program:

  • This 12 month program is taught with flexible options and with an average of 16 years of management experience
  • LBS Fellows program provides 50th Anniversary Scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fees.
  • LBS Sloan program provides the maximum flexibility. It is taught over 6, 9 and 12 month module.
  • LBS Sloan program gives sponsoring organizations the opportunity to invest in the development of exceptional managers and preparing those managers for senior level leadership roles in the organization.

Essay of London Business School Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy for the Class of 2017:

Essay 1:

How will the Sloan Leadership and Strategy degree enhance your immediate and ultimate professional and personal objectives:  (500 words)

Essay 2:

Describe the hardest professional decision you have made and its impact on the situation, any teams involved and on yourself (500 words)

Essay 3:

Drawing on your experience in your function and/or sector please give your opinion on question (a) or b) (300 words)
(a) Will increasing regulation really mitigate risk? Do you think that this is desirable?
(b) What do you see as the key issues for the next 5 years in your sector and/or region?

Essay 4:

Optional Statement: What question would you most like to be asked, and why? (200 words max)

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