isb essay 2 - If we were to admit just one more candidate to the Postgraduate Programme (PGP) at the ISB, why should it be you?

Here are the advises from ISB application consultants on Essay 1:

This year ISB is going with same two mandatory essays as previous and good news for the re-applicant’s is that there’s no additional required.

Here through these essay questions, admission committee want you to articulate the important aspects of your profile which many applicants fail to describe in a proper and well-mannered way. Writing a specific story about your profile would be a bad idea, instead just pick up the most unique situations and impacts that you think will influence the admission committee.

The main vision of this essay is to make applicants aware of the value-add that they have in their bucket. Make sure you bring in notice to the ISB community that you will augment the value of both in-class and outside classroom experience for your classmates.

As ISB wants to seek your Unique Selling Preposition (through this question), you need to be unique at the same time to ensure that your profile makes an everlasting impact on the interviewers. Your primary aims should be to explain the factors that make you unique, distinct and different. Answer this question effectively within 400 words.

Don’t intend to be over smart, or over pretending as the more realistic you will be the more impact you will have on interviewers. The essay works as a simple method for ISB admissions to gauge how enviable a candidate you are for ISB. The quintessence of the prompt in this essay can be better implicit through previous ISB application essay questions.

Before you start writing, please make a strong case to distinguish yourself from an outstanding set of applicants applying for PGP.

Some other important points that you must include are:

The in-depth industry knowledge is that you have earned through your work experience. Also, mention your unique professional background if you have any. Also, make sure to talk about your range of interests like taking initiatives or adding value in community.

If you have been into sports, it would be a great USP to spark your profile. But make sure that each point you mention must not be fictional and should be exactly what you are. For better answers you can also try the different available sources for the preparation of your ISB essays.