ISB YLP is a much sought after programme that will help undergraduate students gain guaranteed admission into the prestigious Post Graduate Programme (PGP) at ISB while they are still in the pre-final year of undergraduate degree. The admission is contingent upon completion of a minimum of one year and nine months of work experience after under graduation.

The YLP candidates get to interact with students and alums from different professional and educational backgrounds, learn from distinguished resident and international faculty and go through research-based contemporary programs.

ISB YLP key aspects are:

  • Learning Sessions by Industry leaders and world-class ISB faculty.
  • Mentorship by senior ISB experts to help the admits navigate their career path.
  • Guaranteed Admission to ISB’s one year flagship PGP programme during the pre-final undergraduate year contingent upon completion of one year and nine months of work experience.
  • Four intensive YLP learning weekends at ISB campus during his/her work tenure with a six month gap between each learning weekend.
  • Network Opportunities with a group of  like-minded high achievers such as other YLP admits, ISB students and alumni.
  • YLP Scholarship of Rs. 1 Lakh will be provided to all YLP admits, in addition to the existing need, merit and corporate scholarships which all PGP students contest for.

Academics Calendar for 2019-20:

Round 1 deadlines March 25, 2019
Round 1 short-list announcement April 30, 2019
Round 2 deadline August 31, 2019
Round 2 short-list announcement
Final selection process on campus September 15 – October 15, 2019
Admission offers October 31, 2019

ISB YLP Application & interview preparation service price

Package Separate
 I Stage 9,500  9,500
 II Stage 13,000 15,000
One mock Comprehensive 7,500 11,000
 Total 30,000 35,500

ISB YLP Application Process:

To be considered for admission, an applicant must be in his/her pre-final year of graduation.

Everyone will have to go through three stages of selection process before he/she is selected. The screening process will require the candidate to submit online applications. Candidates shortlisted in round 1 will be required to submit their GMAT scores in round 2 and appear for an on-campus selection process in round 3.

Stage 1 Requirements:

  • Academic information
  • Extra-curricular information
  • One Essay. Topic will be provided in the essay section.

ISB YLP Stage 1 Essay:

What more will you like ISB to know about your candidature? (300 words max)

Analysis: At this point, ISB ADCOM knows about your education, they have seen your resume and it’s great that you have stood out from the pack. But this is your chance to really shine through. If we were to put this question in 2 words, it would be “Dazzle me!”. (Those of you smiling know that this is a direct indication to the movie – 21. Others, Go watch it!)

The obvious choices that come to mind are:

  • Career goals
  • How you ae different from others
  • Showcasing your achievements in different forms
  • Regurgitating your Impressive Resume (which the ADCOM has already read)
  • Cultural diversity

There are all great points to write your essay on but you agree with us, don’t you that there are the obvious choices. So how do you stand out from the pack?

To write an impactful essay, you need to take the ADCOM on a journey with you. Talk about how you are shaped by life. You can talk about the main factors that have influenced your personal development, and write about that particular instance which caused you to rethink life or that particular instance when you were challenged and learnt the most important lessons of your life till date.

When you are talking about the instance, there you can tell what strengths did you use and how you are different from the pack.

The other candidate can be writing about an achievement that really made a difference in you as an individual and how you have matured. Again remember to the ADCOM on a dazzling journey with you.

Stage 2 Requirements:

    • Two Essays. Topics will be provided in essay section.

ISB YLP Stage 2 Essays:

Essay 1: Tell us about your short term and long term goals and your plans to achieve them. (300 words max)

This essay is a critical one and is invariably part of the application process for any global business school program. What the question is really asking is, ‘Why do you want to do an MBA?’

We suggest an approach that tells the story in a natural manner. The essay can be split into three paragraphs. The first paragraph should talk about what is your passion and vision. It should also spell out your short term and long term goals (which must match your passion and vision – you cannot claim that you are passionate about travelling and have a vision of being a travel author and then state your short term and long term goal to be an investment banker). This first paragraph sets up the context.

The second paragraph should lead with information on what you have done till date in order to achieve your short and long term goals (courses taken, education, experience, skills developed, etc.). Then talk about what are the gaps that are currently causing you a shortfall and stopping you from achieving your goals – list out the most important gaps in a very broad manner.

In the third and final paragraph, talk about how the PGP from ISB would help you substantially cover the shortfall and set you up for short and long term success and achievement of your goals. As far as possible, try and do a one to one match between the gaps mentioned in the second para and the support provided by the PGP.

As you can see, the first paragraph sets your goals very clearly in the context of your passion and vision. The second paragraph provides signals that you have been taken concrete steps towards these goals and that you are a serious candidate. Finally, the third paragraph shows the fit between what you need and what the PGP can provide, making you an ideal candidate.

Essay 2: Please provide additional information, that could affect the consideration of your application to the ISB. (300 words max)

There is some confusion regarding whether to use this space or not. We hold the view that this is valuable space provided by the school and should definitely be used as long as you have something worthwhile to share (and not a laundry list of minor things!). This space can be used as follows –

  •  If you have low scores or any other aberrations in your profile and you have a genuine explanation for the same, you can use this space to talk about that
  • If you have a hobby, interest, other activities or some unique experience, you can talk about that here. Note that you should not simply write about the activity or hobby itself, but should put efforts to talk about how you are a changed and developed person because of it
  •  This space can also be a great opportunity to talk about your qualities or skills that do not fit anywhere else in the application. Provide examples of situations where you have leveraged these qualities and skills and try and talk about how these skills or qualities will help you in your career

This space should not be used to repeat information already provided elsewhere in the application. You should also not put down 4 – 5 things that you want to bring to their notice. It is best to talk about 1 theme (qualities or hobbies or skills) and have a couple of sub-points in that, with a total of 3 paragraphs. Finally, this space should also not be used to plead for admission – it just does not work that way.

  • Two evaluations/recommendations in the prescribed format will available on the application.
  • Scanned copies in 150 or 200 in a PDF format of the following:
    • Passport (a main page that shows the number, name, DOB and citizenship)
    • GMAT Score
    • TOEFL Score, if available.

Stage 3 Requirements:

Interview: Applicants based in India will be interviewed personally on the ISB Campus and those from overseas locations will be interviewed over telephone/Skype.

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