“Nobody is too busy; it’s just a matter of priorities”. If you want to achieve anything in your life, time management is what you’ve to work on. As we say, a well-organized life finds time for everything. So always settle in advance for anything you have set for yourself. If you have chosen any part time MBA or any part-time study for that matter, you have already made a huge commitment of time and resources.

Time is always on your side, it’s just about the good management. In order to get an entry in a top-notch B-School, you need to make a well planned MBA application calendar by smartly investing and budgeting your time. Proper time management will endow you more time to prepare B-School essays to precisely represent your goals, achievements, talent and the potential contributions to the admissions committee.

The Internet is already flooded with numbers of articles covering this topic; however, we’ve decided to put down some basic behavioral adjustments to help you manage your MBA application calendar effectively –

  1. Write down your schedule
    For part-time MBA you’ve bundles of things to do in a day from attending your meetings to managing your family and friends, & so on. So write down all the important things according to your time.
  2. Prioritize things as much as possible
    As we said in the beginning of this article, “nobody is too busy. It’s just a matter of priorities.” Not everything needs much attention, so it’s the only you who’ll decide what’s important or what’s negligible.
  3. Don’t focus on unimportant things
    Don’t try to be a superman, as you aren’t. You know you have certain goals and targets to meet that your part-time MBA application needs, so focus on what’s important .
  4. Invest your energy in right things
    It’s similar to tip: 3. just set your calendar, priorities, and tasks insuch a way that it could channelize your resources towards your goals. Just cut the crap to be more effective.
  5. Set deadlines
    Whether it’s a small or big task, try to set a specific deadline for everything you are stuck to. This will help you organize your valuable time in a more effective way.
  6. Don’t try to be perfect every time
    As it’s said, “You were born to be real not to be perfect”. You don’t need to be perfect at the very first shot. Just try to get things synchronized by time and move ahead. Focusing on just one thing to get perfect can hamper rest important things.
  7. Don’t carry it too far
    Overdoing anything can result in a bad outcome. You can use your time more productively elsewhere. Just like in your professional career, you burn your whole night oil on your presentation but at the end of the day, nobody actually cares about that technical data. So, stop overdoing anything.
  8. Relax! Take a Break When You’re Not at Your Peak 
    When you are high on your goals and have certain things to do, don’t get panic. Instead, take a break when you’re not at peak & do some fun or get engaged in some kind of sport/game activities.

Good Luck!