“After Donald Trump has held the position of US President, we have seen many amendments and bold moves made by him for the betterment of the country. But this is proved to be a really tough stance on immigration and can be a massive boon for Canadian schools”

9596679453_0956580c7bThe bold and fearless, Donald Trump is widely known for his thug life and the kind of decision he takes, can shake your head. Now it’s time for Indian students to talk more about him as UK & US business schools turn away the Indian students. While the students from India leave their nation to pursue a quality education in the United States, they do have some particular and leading B-Schools in the United States.

Take a 23 year old Urvi Bandre for example. She wanted to leave her country to study in United States of America with a vision to chase her dreams and to become a consultant. But such dreams are generally met with the lack of conviction and prophet of doom who effort to deter you from hounding them and Urvi’s case was not different

Family and Friends who, previously been at the land of opportunity (United States) and seen firsthand the tension it took to get into the country and land a dream job and a work permit. She was told that this is a dream of fools and she should instead consider her options. After this, she switched her attention and moved to United States neighbor, Canada. And after that, the University of Toronto’s school of management was her first preference.

“The country is filled with a broad spectrum of culture and cultural heritage. Its hospitality is amazing and welcoming. I wish I could work here for long term”.

The top notch business schools across the countries value Indian scholars than other students from different nations, because they are highly intellectual and high-standard labor. Governments from the different nations, across the globe prize Indian students high from the economical point of view as the great source of productive and useful labour.

As per the information collected from the different universities shows that students from India stay back in the country are likely to work more than any other students from the foreign countries who are of high significance to the most regimes.

However, recently, in United Kingdom and United States, students from India have been sidestepped as they, at this instant see the shoreline of Canada as a more doable option for them in the long run. Urvi had made her choice for an education institution long before the current president Donald Trump had made this announcement to run this for the presidency.  

The permit system in Canada allows MBA students the freedom to work in the country for upto three years after they have done their study, where the H1-B in United States have the total lifespan of just three years and need to be supported by hiring company in the country.