Earning an MBA or any master’s degree in Business can add a spark to your career. And if it’s in U.S., you must be choosier as there are multiple business schools that hold a remarkable position in terms of adding a great value to your career. Hence, we have shortlisted top 5 U.S. business schools you can consider applying.

  1. Michigan Ross

So, are you ready to go on a rose journey? Yeah, this is how the university defines its procedure of pursuing your dream MBA program at their university. At Ross, you become a part of an inclusive community which is known for leadership development, commitment to sustainability, groundbreaking entrepreneurship, positive business and social impact. It offers several types of MBA programs for both graduate and undergraduate individuals.

  • Acceptance Rate: 28% (Significantly Higher than almost all other business schools in top 20)
  • Average GMAT and GPA: 702 and 3.4 respectively
  • Acceptance rate for Indian Applicant Vs. Non-Indian Applicant: 17% vs. 41% respectively
  • Engineering Majors have lower chances while the liberal arts majors have the higher chances
  • The higher approval rate for liberal arts majors may reflect Ross trying to bring on more women
  • Military applicants also have increased chances of admissions
  • Those who have been invited to Ross have higher acceptance rate of 62%

  1. Kellogg School of Management

Kellogg school of management is a top-notch business school of Northwestern university, located in Evanston, Illinois that educates, equips and inspire the emerging leaders who build strong organizations and prudently influence the power of markets to create a lasting value. It offers several types of MBA programs, MMM programs, MBA-JD etc.

  • Acceptance Rate:2%
  • Average GMAT: 724
  • Average Undergraduate GPA:6

Other Key Facts Include:


  • Kellogg is among some of the niche business schools so there is little hardship thecandidates has to go through for acceptance. (23.2% acceptance rate)
  • One of the top GMAT scores (724 average)
  • Top tier undergrad GPA (3.6 average)

Student Body & Categorization

  • Percentage of Male and Female Students (57% male – 43% female)
  • Average prior work experience required (5 years on average)
  • Most common previous industry: Consulting

  1. MIT Sloan

MIT Sloan or Sloan (MIT Sloan School of Management) is a top notch business school of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. Its MBA program is one of most selective in the world and are also ranked no.1 in disciplines than any other business schools in the world. It offers several types of MBA programs…

MIT Sloan Acceptance Rate:

At the University of Chicago’s Booth School, MIT Sloan, and Columbia Business School, acceptance rates fell drastically. The cubicle went to 21.0%, from 23.0%; MIT to 13.1%, from 15.6%, and Columbia to 18.1% from 20.8%.

Acceptance Rate Overview:

  1. Acceptance Rate: 13.8%
    2. Average GMAT: 713
    3. Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.6

Other Key Facts Include:

  • Number of acceptance chances, which seem to be tougher (13.8% acceptance rate)
  • One of the top GMAT scores (713 average)
  • Top tier undergrad GPA (3.6 average)

Student Body & Categorization

  • Number of students in entering classes (406 students)
  • Male dominant school (61% male – 39% female)
  • Average prior work experience (5 years on average)

  1. Tuck School of Business Administration

Tuck School of Business Administration is the top notch graduate business school of Dartmouth College. It is an Ivy league research university established in Hanover, New Hampshire, United States. At Tuck, the admission rate has ascended up slightly to 20.8% from 20.4%, while at Haas, the acceptance rate inched higher to 14.3% from 13.8%.At tuck  you will mostly find engineers, military officers, artists, entrepreneurs, community advisers, program officers, and teachers.

  • GMAT: (717 Average) & middle 80% range is 680-750
  • Citizenship:S.A. and U.S. permanent residents (66%), Asia (16%)
  • Professional Work Experience: 5 Years of Average, Consulting (20%), Previous Ind. Exp (100%), other financial service and real-estate (18%)
  • Class of Enrollment 2018: 285

  1. Cornell U Johnson Graduate School of Management

Cornell, U Johnson Graduate School of Management is the reputed graduate business school in the SC Johnson college of Business at Cornell University. It is a private Ivy League University in Ithaca, New York. Founded in 1946, it was renamed in 1984 after the name of Samuel Curtis Johnson, founder of S.C. Johnson & Son. It offers Master of Business Administration (MBA), full-time two-year (2Y) and Accelerated MBA (1Y) programs and 375 Executive MBA students. There are over 15, 200 Alumni.

Acceptance rate overview

  • Acceptance Rate: 30%
    Average GMAT: 700
    Average Undergraduate GPA:37

Other Key facts include:

  • Percentage of acceptance rate to get in (30%)
  • One of the top GMAT scores (700 average)
  • High undergrad GPA (3.37 average)

Student Body

  • Entering classes strength (293 students)
  • Significantly male dominant school (74% male – 26% female)
  • Average prior work experience (5 years on average)