Got an interview call from a B school? Congratulations! You are just one step away from your destination now. However, this is an important step. How you perform in the interview will determine if you get a seat in the college or not. The fact that you got an interview call tells that the admission officials think you are a candidate with potential. It is now your job to substantiate their views about you in the interview.

We know it is easier said than done. MBA interviews can be very intimidating if you are not well prepared. You would be competing with the best of the lot here in the last level of assessment. It is the time for you to put your best foot forward.

Here are few tips that you can use while preparing for your big MBA interview.

Prepare, prepare and prepare: Nothing will ever substitute preparation. Preparation should not be limited to being ready with answers to frequently asked questions but also being prepared on how to conduct yourself in an interview and how to appear natural while giving rehearsed answers.

Preparation will instill much-needed confidence in you to face the interview. Make a list of all positive things about you that you want to mention in the interview and make sure you do mention them there. Also, be prepared for the questions that would be asked about your weaknesses.

Dress to Impress: Yes, it is a very basic thing. But you have to make sure you are dressed like a future business executive. While wearing neat business attire don’t forget to wear a smile on your face. Your smile shows the panel that you are a confident and genuine individual.

Focused listening: Don’t let your mind wander while you are giving the interview. Focus your energy on listening to your interviewer. Process the question and form a clear answer in your mind before you actually start answering. This might take a while but it is always better to give well- thought-out and relevant answers than quick and confused ones.

Be Spontaneous: Even after a rigorous prep, you might be faced with few unexpected questions. Don’t be boggled if this happens, think with a cool head and give an appropriate answer. The interviewers might want to catch you off guard and gauge your reaction. So always be ready to face something you didn’t see coming.

Keep it engaging: No one likes a cold and plain interview. Let your interview panel know that you are an interesting person. Be candid and engage with your interviewers. You can do this by showing off your wit or narrating an interesting story or experience you have had as a part of your answer. However, remember not to go overboard with it.

Question right: They say there are no silly questions. However, as a B-school aspirant, they expect a level of maturity from you. An interview would be a great time for you to get information about the program beyond what is there on the official portal. Your questions will tell them about the person you are and what you are looking for in the program.

Set Mock Interviews: As a part of your prep, set up for some mock interviews with family members, friends or your MBA consultants. Ask them to give an objective feedback about your performance. Mock interviews will give an opportunity to not only work on your answers but also on other non-verbal nuances like eye contact, hand gestures, body posture etc. Try to do as many mock interviews as possible.

At the end of the day, be the best version of yourself at the interview, the admission panel would be looking for qualities that make you unique and would bring diversity to the table. Don’t try to fit into a preconceived image of a B-school student.

If you are interested in having a mock interview session with seasoned consultants – feel free to give us a call!