Dear MBA Aspirant,

Its December already, and round 2 deadlines for US B-Schools are fast approaching. It is a matter of time before the application submission frenzy peaks. With just about 30 days to work on your B-School application essays, the countdown has begun and time is a fleeting entity. It is a common misconception that MBA application process is merely filling out an application form with perfection. The numerous things applicants have to do are writing statement of purpose, resume editing, essay writing, recommendation gathering, and interview preparation. It goes without saying that all of these are iterative, need attention to detail, and must absolutely project a unique yourself. B-Schools receive applications in multiples of thousands each year and only handfuls are selected.

The preceding paragraph was not meant to rattle or unnerve you, but is an upfront projection of reality. The essence of it being that an MBA application takes time to be distinctive. And it is not just your time. It requires time from your friends/colleagues who you may have asked to review your resume and essays, your manager/supervisions whom you have sought recommendations from and so on. Add to this the fact that most of the applicants who apply to these business schools are already knee deep in their current workload.

In our years of experience, we have time and again found that applicants who start early and put a lot of effort in getting their MBA Application reviewed by professional consultant/colleague/supervisor are the ones that benefit the most. End-of-year wrap-ups at work are a real thing—they consume a lot of time, and before you know those deadlines will be here. Getting your MBA essays & recommendations finalized and getting everything in the MBA Application reviewed before early January requires foresight and a laser-like focus.

Those who have already applied in Round 1 must be waiting for their MBA interview dates. Start preparing for the MBA interview questions admissions committee members may ask you. You may refer to forums and blogs, connect with alumni for MBA interview tips and MBA interview questions and seek assistance from admission consultants. Mock interviews area also a great means to help you crack the MBA interview.

Nowadays, along with your MBA Essays and application, social media also plays a vital role in your MBA admissions. We cannot deny the world we are living in. We have already cultivated a habit of looking up and digging a person on internet before/after meeting him. Your social media profile on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter accounts reflects your original personality and tells a great deal about yourself. Social media gives you the opportunity to showcase your profile – work experience, academics, certifications, achievements at work and school, extracurricular, social awareness etc. It is highly recommended to update your LinkedIn profile with your current work experience and qualification, achievements you have had at work and extracurricular you’re involved with.

Social media in another important way in which you can continue to be informed about B-Schools you are targeting or planning to apply to. Staying connected with your targeted B-Schools. alumni & students group keeps you informed and updated about the programs you are applying to.

MBA Admissions committee may also go through your social websites like LinkedIn to obtain more information about your profile in detail. So while applying to B-Schools, keep your social profiles updated and professional.

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