“With thousands of students enrol into the MBA programs at ISB, the centre of attraction has always been the successful progression of its placement policies which clearly state the highest potential of being selected by the top-notch companies across India (ASIA).”

Over the past few years, ISB has chronically proven its excellently stupendous performance in terms of endowing brighten career opportunities to its students. However, speculations still rotate around B-School aspirants whether life after ISB is struggling or easy going in terms of seeking career opportunities. Let’s have the deeper analysis of “Careers at the ISB (India School of Business)”.

How ISB prepares students for better jobs?

ISB students join the school with 2 to 20 years of work experience and during their PGP programs, additional skills get added that prepare them amazingly and make them worth-selecting candidates for the companies. ISB is not in the business of facilitating students with entry-level jobs. But they prepare students in such a way that no company can overlook their brilliant ability. They start their placement process from the very first month that lasts till the end of the year.

To nourish the career of ISB MBA students, the school operates a special placement cell popularly known as CAS or Career Advancement Services. This cell works with three divisions consisting of corporate relations, learning and development and process.

The L&D division provides students with the one-on-one session with their desired industrial training requirement. While educating students within these divisions, experts deeply analyze the potential of students and identify, in which category they fit in and search around the companies realizing their potential. They also help in identifying their other capabilities. Early in the year, it gives them a lot of clarity about which industry they want to pursue.
L&T team helps students to give them a great exposure to the industry. Moreover, they also put students in one-on-one and several types of group interactions with number of industry veterans and ISB alumni from different functions and domains.

Other training sessions include-

  • Knowledge Transfer Sessions by Alumni (KTSA)
  • Horizon Speaker Series
  • Gurukul Series, etc.

Earlier to the placemen season that begins in 6 terms, the team of learning and development at ISB also conducts the resume reviews along with the mock interviews for the b-students to get them prepared for interview shortlists and converting those only-opportunities into the actual jobs. Apart from the L&T department, their corporate relation team keep in touch with the recruiters to understand their specific talent requirement.

They ask them about the type of candidate they require and then get them trained accordingly. The corporate relation team also facilitates the regular communication between the industry and students all throughout the year. Besides that, there are oodles of methods ISB uses to get its maximum number of students enrol into their desired job in their desired companies.