A lot of wannabe candidates have been peculiarly waiting for the round 1 application for ISB admission. Finally the time could be seen through. Yup, it’s right there. But to make most of this opportunity, you need to be a little more alert, that’s why we’re here with some must-focused ISB application checklist where you must put in considering to get entry through ISB first round application for October 15, 2016.

First Come, First Serve

You know there is a cut-throat competition in ISB, so making your way is just like biting the bullet. In this case, you can at least start this process as early as possible. October, 15 is not too far you have less time to fix your loopholes. Move now, register yourself to ISB portal, check out the essay questions, profile related questions, and other things to plan your application.

Get Registered & Schedule Your GMAT/GRE

It’s great if you have already done so. And if not then go for it. 2 or 3 months is a good time to prepare GMAT/GRE. Keep your examination date in mind, pull up your socks and get ready to rock. Do it, it’s a good time.

Brainstorm First. Analyse Yourself

The most convenient way to win essays is to convince the interview panel that you actually need a PGP/MBA degree. No wonder you’re damn good, but right now, MBA is something you need. This is what the interviewers and essay evaluators intend to explore. Of course, there are various other parameters but if you know why you want to do MBA, half of your journey to ISB Admission gets covered.

Get your essays reviewed/evaluated by the experts

At the initial stage, when you are done with your post essay drafts, please get them checked by experts to ensure you are at the right path. They are as important as GMAT/GRE score. So please invest your valuable time and money for essays too.

Good Luck!