ISB PGPpro and INSEAD ILPSIE (INSEAD Leadership Programme for Senior Executives) programs are both aimed at providing executive business education to well-experienced professionals.

However, there are few differences between the programs which would be important factors in deciding which program to choose for your executive Masters education.

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Let’s go through a few of the key features of both programs:


ISB PGPpro: It is an 18-months long program with two weeks at an ISB campus either Mohali or Hyderabad and one week of international residency.

INSEAD ILPSIE: It is one year part-time program.


ISB PGPPro:  ISB PGPpro weekend classes are offered at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi (NCR) and Mumbai.

INSEAD ILPSIE:  INSEAD has classroom sessions across France, India and Singapore.


ISB PGPpro: The total cost of the program would come up to Rs. 30,41,000.

INSEAD ILPSIE: 62,000 SGD with the inclusion of tuition, academic fees, study material and accommodation except for the transportation expenses.

Course format:

ISB PGPpro: Classes on alternate weekends and online modules in intervening weeks.

INSEAD ILPSIE: The program has classroom sessions. Additionally, INSEAD also provides pre-program tutorials and telepresence online sessions.

Specializations offered:

ISB PGPpro: Focus on strategy and leadership with optional specializations in Finance or Marketing

INSEAD ILPSIE: It focuses on general management and covers all functional topics of business administration.

PGPpro and ILPSIE both accept similar kind of profiles where the students are senior-level working professionals with considerable work experience looking to add value to their knowledge bases and profiles.

One of the major factors in deciding between two programs could be the tenure and location of the program.  

While INSEAD has a shorter course tenure, ISB provides the classes in multiple locations in India.

Please go through the course content, curriculum and topics thoroughly before making your choice.

All the Best!