Essay 1: There will be 900 students in the class of 2021. Why should you be one of them? (400 words max)

Essay 1 Analysis:
This essay requires the candidate to present how he or she will add value to the class through his or her unique background, interests, hobbies etc. Ideally, a candidate should choose 1 or 2 aspects of his or her background to describe. For example, one could be a trained Indian classical singer and explain how he or she could bring value to the class through their in-depth knowledge of this art form by explaining how he/ she overcame the complexities involved in learning the art and giving recitals. Attempt to explain how these learnings could be applied to personal and career life.

Remember you do not need to be an international athlete or a celebrity to crack this essay. All you need to do is highlight 1 or 2 facets of your profile which you believe could add value to the class. Several candidates forget to explain how their skills would add value to the class, which is the purpose of this essay. Be sure the specify in a sentence or two how you will add value to the class through each facet of your profile you highlight.

Essay 2: What will you be doing in 2025 and 2030? How will the ISB PGP programme help you to achieve these goals?
(400 words max)

This is essentially the career goals essay. It is important to clearly describe your short and long terms career goals in detail. Your career goal should ideally detail your designation, responsibilities involved, geographic span of control and industry. Once you have described your goals, it is important to highlight your career path to date in a few sentences, describe the skills you have gained to date as well as the gaps in your skill set, which are keeping you from immediately achieving your short terms goals.

Explain how ISB will help you bridge the gap in your skill set and how the skills you have acquired to date coupled with the skills you gain at the ISB, will help you achieve your short term goals. This is your opportunity to let the ISB know how well you have researched the program and highlight the aspects you find particularly useful to achieving your goals.