Here is a good news for all MBA aspirants who are seeking for a top-notch B-schools, now when INSEAD has finally made its way to become the first and only business school to achieve number 1 spot in Global MBA ranking 2017 by Financial Times. Students without any second thought can make their way to this university. In fact, there is no second thought, even considering other options.

INSEAD, the business school for the world has announced its achievements. The achievements mark a triple first for Instead which now has turned out to be the first and only business school in the world to achieve all three MBA programmes ranked #1 in Financial Times rankings. Apart from being first in MBA, the Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA has become number one EMBA globally and Global EMBA of INSEAD is now also the highest ranked single school programme.

This year INSEAD topping in Financial Times Global MBA ranking 2017 has shown a tremendous rise of three spots within it comparison to fourth position in 2015. The mammoth achievement clearly reflects the outstanding academic skills of INSTEAD which offers to its students and shows its wonderful entrepreneurial culture, diversity, and the extensive global alumni network.

The significant achievement doesn’t just highlights the success of faculties and alumni but also marks the momentous development across a large number of parameters which includes various factors such as the salaries of its graduates, the total percentage of salary, increase of position graduation, ROI for the degree achieved by the students and more.

Talking about this grandiose achievement, Dean of INSEAD Mr. Ilian Mihov said, “The stellar accomplishments of our alumni have helped us to achieve this amazing recognition”.

Previously INSEAD has achieved many milestones, awards and accolades for its wonderful work but this will be a benchmark and will surely take the school to the next level. Besides, INSEAD has also congregated, including being ranked “The Best International One-Year MBA Programme” in Forbes 2015 ranking where it was acknowledged to provide students with the optimum return on investment of any MBA programme, anywhere in the world.

According to the Forbes, the alumni of INSEAD’s class of 2010 realized a 5 year gain of whopping $171,200 and it took merely 2.4 years for a typical graduate to pay back their MBA investments, that’s a very good sign and shows the advantage of MBA programmed earned through university. Their dedicated staff has vigilantly worked with the students to continuously improve the MBA curriculum and bring upon the exceptional educational experiences to the MBA students across the world.

Henceforth, students who previously were seeking out for the B-School, INSEAD now should be their choice. It’s not just about the ranking that it achieves but the learning environment, academic skills, future oriented surety that it has to offer to you. INSEAD, the business school of the world.