Writing good application essays can be one of the most complicated aspects of the INSEAD application.  Yet, they are a critical component in evaluating diverse applicants, INSEAD essays give you a one of a kind possibility to tell about yourself and your accomplishments and delivering valuable information to the admissions team on your inspirations and all round fit for the INSEAD program. To guide you in this crucial process, we thought you may value a few suggestions on how to write solid INSEAD essays.

Your INSEAD essays should be authentic: INSEAD admission committee wants to know you, so be genuine and reveal sincerely on what exceptional experience you can bring to the INSEAD program.

INSEAD picks a wide range of profiles to make a diverse class; from people who have taken the more conventional business profiles in their careers to others with legal, medical, arts or military backgrounds. So look at avoiding fancy words and follow your own intuition.

Sentence structure, development, thoughts and phrases used, quality of words also speak about you, despite the fact that they seem like minor details. Nevertheless, it is essential to stay focused, to plan adequately and to take enough time to write, review and edit your essays and make sure that the impression you are showing is not manipulated by discrepancies, ambiguous phrases or jargon and shortened forms. Composing in pointers rather than full sentences at first may also help to get started. Gradually, you will have sufficient content to start writing a first draft of each INSEAD MBA essay.

Write evidently about your work experience – Your INSEAD essays should contain clearly about your professional achievements and experiences, as this is one of the most significant resources you will be bringing into the INSEAD MBA classroom. When you talk about your expertise, it is normal to underline your strong points and skills but ensure that to concentrate on your areas of betterment as well.

We expect you found these suggestions beneficial for your INSEAD application. It is suggested to all INSEAD applicants to follow these ground rules while working on their INSEAD MBA essays.


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