It’s not just another course you’re going to pour yourself into. Neither it’s a guarantee card of success, but still, it makes a world of difference to your life, career and goals. Yup! We are talking about the MBA degree. Though there is nothing exciting to point the bad and good MBA courses, but the fact cannot be denied. The better B-school you pick for your MBA the better enlightenment you have on your life.

It just goes the same way, “a man is known by the company he keeps”. So, when it comes to choose the right business school for MBA in 2017-2018, you need to be a lot more careful. Pick one which suits your goals, which can let you learn the actual in and outs of the MBA education. There are many excellent GMAT college rankings for full time MBA, Executive MBA, part time MBA, speciality MBA etc…

But you must be careful and ideally correct by evaluating all the facts of your prospect B-school to pursue your MBA.

Back in 2014, we posted an article on ‘selecting right b-school‘ based on important factors required for MBA program in any b-school. We strongly recommend you to look and read it once.

Tips to choose best b-school for MBA in 2017-2018

There are many candidates who initially decide the ranking range and then gauge at the average GMAT, then match it with their own score and then just apply which is a fallacious approach

Which B-school is best to pursue MBA cannot be decided with just the ranking. There are various business schools, some of them are older; some are popular where others are dubious. There are no such ranks of these rankings to decide which to keep on priority.

The next dilemma is with the GMAT scores as no school publish the data of GMAT average by the profession/country etc. Applicants are more curious about their GMAT score but schools dice and slice the data in several other ways and groups other than just GMAT so there is no need to compare with the GMAT score. You need to essentially go all guns radiating in full brilliance.

You must try this ‘top rated B-school Selector Tool by’ (featured in Business Insider).

Important factors to consider while choosing a business school

  • Schools that claim to promote the international diversity are somewhat not worth believing. Rather, ask for the data of total percent of international candidates they have.
  • As data sometime can be taken with a pinch of salt, you can ask for the average GMAT score they require. The Indian GMAT average tend to be higher than the overall average.
  • Though it’s a hard-to-carry research but it will get you the knowledge of a ballpark number for a given school or at least, on average
  • The soundness of your goals as well as your communication skills are also some factors that you would find tough to assess.
  • Whatever data you collect or the research you carry out thorough multiple sources, always do your own research, compile others and again ask for expert help to make a right decision. 

What is the average acceptance rate of B-Schools for MBA programs?

Besides the given factors, there are some other important parameters that can help you to assess the chances of making your place in a cut off list at a given school and what’s it called, “the selectivity rate” aka acceptance rate.

It will give you the hang of how exclusive the school is. For an instance, say there are 100 applications received but how would you know how many of them made it? Most school publish this data. So you will have to dig a bit more to get the better insight.

If you need more help related to choosing the best business schools, you can take assistance through professionals who can better assist you in a clearer and appropriate manner.

Best of luck!