HEC has a very unique process of interviewing MBA candidates as compared to other top B-Schools. Once the applicant completes the online application process, the interview dates are announced for the shortlisted candidates within 5 weeks (approx. within 45 days).

The shortlisting is done by the Admission committee which consists of ADCOM members and members of the marketing team. This team reads and assesses the entire application of the applicants by evaluating factors such as essays, career progression, academics, resume and extra-curricular activities.


Interview invites are then sent to shortlisted applicants. Once the candidate receives the interview invite, HEC appreciates if the candidate is ready to take the interview in person even in the case of international candidates as it demonstrates the sincerity and commitment of the candidate towards the school.

If the candidate is not flexible in traveling to HEC campus for an interview, then the candidate can opt for an interview with HEC Alumni residing in the city of candidate’s choice. Applicants are supposed to take interviews with two different Alumni of HEC that last approximately 30–40 minutes each.

HEC interview with the Alumni includes a presentation on the topic of your choice (for ex: Work experience, Extracurricular Curriculars etc.). Candidates who are shortlisted for the Interview rounds should be passionate about what they are presenting.

HEC MBA Program

The presentation should have less about candidate skills and more about:

  • Why MBA?
  • Why HEC?
  • Do you have a good reason for coming to HEC?
  • Have you researched about HEC?
  • Why not another school?

Always remember to showcase an MBA as a bridge that will help you make the transition from your current role to the role you aspire to be in.

The final decision of candidates MBA admission is totally dependent on both the Alumni conducting the interviews.

Out of two Alumni, if both the Alumni say “No” then the candidate is rejected straight away.

If both the Alumni say “Yes” then the candidate is selected.

In a case, if one of the Alumni saying “Yes” and the other saying “No”, there is either a third interview or the candidate’s application is produced to ADCOM Jury to debate or look into the entire application in conjunction with candidate’s profile.

Always remember that interview is your chance to make a lasting impact and is often more important than your GMAT, resume or anything else as it decides your MBA admission.