A good MBA consultant can prove to be a lifeline to your admission process. In the same measure, a bad one can mess the whole experience up for you. Hence, choosing the right MBA consultant is vital for your admission process. MBA would arguably be the most important decision of your life. You would need someone credible and professional to guide you through this process.

Many consultants cash on the vulnerability of the applicants without providing adequate consulting services. You need to beware of these kinds of consultants, but, how to do it? Well, there is no definite framework to go by before selecting an MBA consultant. However, we have come up with few key factors you might want to look into before investing in a consultant.

Track Record:
This factor can help you filter out a bunch of consultants or consulting firms from your list. Make sure your consultant has a proven track record of helping students like you. Many consultants put up rosy testimonials of high scoring applicants with outstanding profiles. It doesn’t take an expert to understand that it is an easy thing to guide this type of students.

The true skill set of the consultancy lies in the track record they have with lower scoring or moderate background students. If you do not fall into the bracket of very high scoring students, make sure you ask for testimonials of students who have similar scores and profiles like you. If possible try to contact these students and ask them about their experience with the consultant.

Review time and expertise:
MBA consultant’s major duty would be to review your essays. Your essay can be the decisive factor for a college to seek you for further admission process. Hence, the time and commitment your consultant is willing to give to your essay writing are very important.

Generally, consultants work on a per hour basis. Make sure your consultant is not too stingy on the time they give you to review the essay. Your consultant should be able to meet you regularly and if possible should be flexible enough to extend the brainstorming sessions by few minutes. Also, ensure the reviewers are experienced and qualified to do their job.

Value for Money:
You might be tempted to go with a cheaper consultant because there are many consultants who are ready to work for way less money compared to others. However, most of these consultants are not qualified and experienced to guide you. They might just reiterate bookish knowledge which you might be already aware of.

On the other hand, you have big names in the industry that will burn a hole in your pocket with their consultation fees. Just because they are well known and charge an awful lot of money doesn’t mean they are right for you.

You need to understand your requirement properly and match it with the services the consultants provide. Make sure you are getting services worth the money you are investing in consultation.

Genuine and Trustworthy:
At the end of the day, everyone works for money. However, your consultant should be genuinely interested in helping you reach your goal. Talk to the consultant, whom you would be allotted to, personally a couple of times before taking a decision. Even though the consultancy holds a high record or success rate, if you are not able to build a rapport with your consultant it will not lead to a fruitful experience.

An MBA consultant is an investment you are making for your future. Choose a consultant wisely by keeping the above factors in mind.