ISB 2016 Intake has already released the list of its essays on 2nd May 2015. There have been subtle changes to some of the ISB essays while the other ones have remained to be almost same.

Here we will analyze ISB PGP’s Essay 2- Option A and some tips you should consider while writing this essay and to increase the chances of admission in ISB PGP courses.

Defining moment in your personal / professional life when you had to make a risky decision, and explain what you did, why and the outcome?

What is the essay’s objective?

The essay is designed to check the aptitude of a candidate. A risk that you took if worked well would have led you to success, else it would have resulted in some kind of a failure. But in both scenarios, it taught you a great lesson.

Write general experiences from your life?

It’s about your experiences because everyone has a different life  and different values, so you need to discuss the experience that made you learn something.

What is the situation you should pick to describe?

Taking risk means when you did something out of your comfort zone. A person who has nothing much to lose can easily take risk thus he often doesn’t fret taking risks when things are balanced.

Don’t include the endless everyday risk gambles of your life.

Make sure you elaborate the specified example with your cherry-picked risky decision and your perception allied with it. Don’t talk about the endless risk of everyday life.

Note: Don’t pick the situation, you picked in earlier essay.

What this essay attempts to comprehend?

  • To see, how proficient you are in coping with the uncertainties in life?
  • How adept you are in taking an informed decision especially when you are unaware of the complete details?
  • To see your decision-making model and how you think at that situation

Note: The instances you will mention will explicitly show your understanding, definition and assessment of a risk.

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