ISB is one of the most sought-after business schools not in India but also in the world. ISB has been ranked at 28th position in the global MBA rankings 2018 of Financial Times, which is just another reminder of this B-school’s international standards and reputation. Hence, ISB receives thousands of applications every year for its Master’s program.


Just a good GMAT score will not assure an admission in a college like this. Hence, it would be a great proactive move to get a profile evaluation to analyze if your qualifications and skills fit in right with the ISB expectations.

Some of the key factors of profiles that admission officers at ISB would be looking for are as follows:

  • Qualifications and Academics: Your academic track record i.e. your grades in the 10th, 12th and graduations will be considered for your admissions into the B-school. Needless to say, GMAT scores are also a very important aspect of the profile evaluation.
  • Work Experience: Admission officers at ISB are specifically looking for candidates with at least 2 years of professional work experience. The nature of your work experience, the industry you worked in and the achievements at worketc are important.
  • Display of Leadership potential: Through your work experience, essays, recommendations and interview, you can showcase the potential for taking leadership positions in the future.
  • Diversity: Having a rich diverse class is one of the most important things for any B-school. Hence, if you have a diverse educational or professional background, you might have better chances of getting an admission.
  • Ambitions and Goal orientation: Your long term and short term goals and howa Business Master’s degree will align in achieving these goals. Your essays are going to be the major source of information in this aspect for the admission officers.

It is always better to get a profile evaluation done prior to your application to B-schools, where expertsanalyze your profile to assess you in the above given aspects that are important for an admission into ISB. They would also point out the areas where you need to work and the areas which you need to stress on to draw more attention of the college towards them.


By evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your profile before even starting your application process, you are setting a clear tone for your essays and recommendations. A profile evaluation helps you be prepared and stay focused on the key areas while you are writing your essays. You would be able to figure out the experiences that you need to highlight in your essays and to display your leadership and management skills.

We can look at a past student’s ISB admission experience to understand the importance of a profile evaluation even before the application process.

The following was the applicant’s basic profile from a hawk’s eye view:

IT Engineer – Graduated from a top tier Engineering institute in India with CGPA of 8.5


Work Experience: (In a nut Shell)

  • Worked as an IT consultant for a Fortune 500 consulting company for 3 and a half years.
  • Have worked with high profile companies and clients to help them in analyzing their IT systems and structures.

Extra-Curricular activities:

  • Have conducted and won India wide Tech quiz competitions.
  • Secretary of the Tech Club of the college under which organized many events and meets.
  • Was a part of the campus startup which was overlooked by the college Entrepreneurial c

Though this candidate had a decent profile, our experts pointed out the need to build a proper reason for doing a Master’s in business as the candidate clearly has a strong technical education and work background. They worked with him to bring out his achievements at work.  These points helped him immensely to confidently apply for the program and stay focused on the important points while writing his essays. The applicant was finally able to find a spot in ISB class.

A profile evaluation can narrow down your thought process and can help you optimize your time and effort efficiently.

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