You had amazing grades, attractive GMAT scores, a kickasss application, in fact, you answered all the interview questions wisely but were still rejected from that coveted B-School program. Still bewildered, why it happened to you? Where did you actually lack? Well, here through this post, we’re going to highlight 5 important reasons that led to your B-School Application Rejection.

Let’s check…

Weak, unclear goals

Your goals are yours, and when you are not clear about your targeted goals yourself, then forget about the admission committee buying your story. Top MBA program selection committee prefer those candidates who are vigilant & careful about their goals. They want you to be eloquent on something conceivable, and to emphasize assignable skills to make your way to MBA program. In short, be SMART and have a list of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goals ready.

Implementing the poor suggestions

While you are planning to make your way to top MBA institute, you investigate every freaking thing possible & do the analysis of B-school rejection to get best possible suggestions which may not be authentic at all. Do not take such advices for granted. Instead, talk to someone who’s already made his/her way to a top B-School. This would help you avoid MBA application rejection.

Poor personality

Personality doesn’t just mean your cloth, cologne, hairstyle or the style statement that you carry but the attitude that you have. Be confident and answer everything like a professional. More importantly, you should come across as a genuine guy and tell the MBA selection committee what you exactly feel about any particular question.

Avoiding blemishes

In order to get admission in a business school, you don’t need to be perfect. Even if you have slightly low GPAs and/or GMAT test scores, you just need to convey these via your application or interview. Be aware of your issues; tell selection committee why you have switched jobs back to back or why you have 10 different jobs in just 2 years. Tell them that you can surely succeed in their program despite the red flag.

Being overconfident

It’s good to be confident but when you get more than it’s needed, things become worse. Make sure that your overconfident attitude does not present you as an arrogant person. Entering to top B-Schools is a tough task and there are plentiful parameters. Selection committee considers a lot of important thing. So make sure that you are humble yet confident guy rather than being fake and overconfident. The admission committee has a lot of smarter people than you to find out who you really are.

Good Luck!