When it comes to take admission in any top-notch university or business school of the world, apart from your luck, dedication and hard work, your GMAT score is somewhat that can make a world of difference. So this is the first stage you must focus on. Considering the same, we have come up with these bunch of GMAT mistakes that you usually do but should never commit while taking the GMAT test.

Underestimating the power of basics

“Hey I am preparing for GMAT, what to do with the logic, algebra, geometry and arithmetic?” This is what many individuals think while taking the GMAT test. Whether you are preparing for the GMAT or IAS, your basic knowledge will be tested on every mode, so review the basic math and work on your logic and analysis skills. In order to answer the questions focus on using logic and reasoning to answer the practice questions.

Getting Stuck to Monster Questions

Generally you target to hit the big marks questions rather than focusing on small ones, it’s ok to spend time on large questions but don’t get stuck to them. Instead, try all the questions on the GMAT exam. Keep flipping the questions and what else you can answer then spending your maximum time on a single question.

Wasting time in determining the question’s difficulty level

It happens with almost every second test taker in GMAT exam, instead wasting your valuable time in determining the difficulty level of question focus on how to give the best answer of the questions you already know. It’s better to practice the mock GMAT tests earlier before appearing the actual tests. During the exam, you should learn the various question types work and focus on the reasoning behind the question.

Getting bogged down and trying to answer every question perfectly

The main failure in test is based on how many questions you have not finished so make sure that you randomly flip throughout the questions rather than getting bogged down and making efforts to answer every single question perfectly. The best strategy to attain the good score is, understand the question, finish the exam and avoid rushing and running out of the time.

Fixating on a single GMAT score

GMAT exam takers have the phobia of 700+ GMAT score which is good but over focusing on it can create problem during GMAT test. So don’t fixate on a single GMAT score, do a full preparation and focus on giving right answers rather than the GMAT score. Make sure that the entire GMAT application demonstrates the real you and reflect your true academic abilities.

Taking the mock test over and over again

When you take the test, make sure that your GMAT skills include pacing. Don’t take the test over and over again and expect that the result will be different. Rather than focusing on the numbers of test, focus on the throughout study. Take the practice exams, understand the question types and prepare to do your best on GMAT the very first time.

Memorizing the English Idioms, Slangs and Grammar

Remember that English is a language that could be learnt throughout consistent practice, overnight preparation, memorizing idioms, grammar, and slangs won’t work so ensure that you prepare on regular basis rather than memorizing things. If you are good in spoken English then spend your valuable time in GMAT preparation reviewing, practicing your verbal skills, integrated skills and quantitative reasoning.

So, if you are the one who is also preparing for the GMAT Test then work on these tips and target the high score.